Secure Hybrid Multi-Tenant Workspaces with Office 365 Single-Sign-On

Enterprise grade Secure, highly available and reliable workspaces hosted in your datacenters with seamless sign-on to Office 365

Access from anywhere and
any device

Remote workspaces made easy

With Terawe's hybrid multi-tenant workspace solution — Service Providers and Enterprises can easily provide virtual, Microsoft Windows desktops for users, providing them access to the documents, applications, and the resources they need, anywhere, anytime, from any supported device.

Based on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services

The solution can be hosted on your own private cloud

Easy to setup on new or existing RDS farms

What are remote workspaces?

Remote workspaces are session-based desktops that you can connect to from virtually any computer, tablet, or smartphone over the internet. The sessions are hosted on a server in the cloud of your choice – Hosted, Private or Public. Multiple tenants and multiple desktops per tenant can be hosted on a shared set of servers.

Why remote workspaces?

Work From Anywhere

Access from any device


Remote work increased to 80
percent between 2005 and 2006

Business Continuity

Secure data and LOB apps


Average cost disruption
to business

Bring Your Own devices

Use devices, Crop access

$3.79 M

Average cost of security

Remote Access

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Employers using or planning
to use BYOD

End Users are Looking for...

Why multi-tenant Remote Workspaces?

Deploying dedicated RDS servers per tenant increases licensing and service delivery costs associated with excess capacity and management overhead. With a multi-tenant RDS workspace implementation a single set of RDS Servers is shared with multiple tenants without any impact on the tenant's end user experience.

Why Terawe's Secure Hybrid Multi-Tenant Workspaces?

Whether you are a Service Provider or Enterprise, increasingly your end users use Office 365 – the world's most popular productivity services including ExchangeOnline, SharePointOnline, Skype for Business & OneDrive with applications like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint & Excel.
With Office 365, end user identities are mastered in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and it serves as the authoritative identity provider
Terawe's Hybrid Multi-Tenant Workspace enables Enterprises and Services Providers to setup a multi-tenant RDS farm
Seamless Single Sign-On experience between their RDS Workspace and Office 365 services and applications using their Office 365 / Azure AD credentials
Enabling Multi-Factor Auth (MFA) is increasingly a requirement with customers of all sizes to ensure highest levels of security

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