Culture & Diversity

At Terawe we are proud of our culture of diversity and inclusion. With a strong focus on gender parity and as a proud supporter of the Campaign for Disability Employment we are among the leaders in our industry, ensuring that we benefit from all perspectives in designing and delivering our solutions.

We believe diversity is essential to our success. By actively engaging different perspectives we challenge and stretch our thinking, allowing us to create best-in-class solutions which benefit all of our customers and their employees.

Terawe’s mission includes a commitment to equity and equality. Working with UNESCO and NGOs including World Vision we have devoted time and resources to support initiatives in the developing world, harnessing the power of technology to improve access to education and to address the universal challenge of illiteracy.


At present there are 750 million adults and children who lack basic literacy skills, which affects not only their livelihoods but a range of issues including infant mortality, mataernal health and social justice. To learn more about these issues and Terawe’s work in the field, please visit the links below.